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Quality Rating

Brief Overview :

Times Quality Rating Inc., a group of Times Certification Services UK Ltd is a pioneer in bringing innovative technologies and ideas to improve the Quality Standards across the globe.

As a part of their latest innovation, the Company is initiating a Quality Rating Services for the first time in the Non-Financial sector. This Rating is aimed at increasing the Systematic functioning of the organizations in every sector thereby gaining an edge over the competition in this highly competitive world.

Sectors that can benefit from the Quality Rating Services :

  1. Manufacturing Industries
  2. Corporate Offices
  3. Clinics
  4. Hospitals
  5. Schools
  6. Colleges
  7. Trusts / Societies
  8. Security Companies
  9. Labs
  10. Institutes
  11. Companies in the FOOD industry
  12. Restaurants
  13. Catering Companies
  14. Transport Companies

Procedure for Quality Rating :

Organizations can fix an appointment for the Rating Audit from the Times Quality Rating Inc.,  The Rating Assessor would perform an Evidence based audit driven by a detailed Questionnaire and credit the Score accordingly for each of the Questions in the Questionnaire. The Total of such credits would decide the No. of Stars on the Rating Certification issued by the Times Quality Rating Inc.,

Rating Criteria :

5 Stars                : Excellent

4 Stars                : Very Good

3 Stars                : Good

< 3 Stars             : Needs Improvement

Organizations which fall under the category of 3 stars can get the support from the Agency to improve the rating and apply for an assessment after six months.