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ISO 22000

Food Safety Management Systems
Registration to ISO 22000:2018 Standard

Food safety is a worldwide issue. It becomes important when there is a peer pressure from consumers, retailers, social groups, and legislative bodies affecting the whole food supply chain.

The Answers is an Accredited ISO 22000 Registration.

What is ISO 22000:2018?

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) published in September 2005 the standard ISO22000 - Food Safety Management Systems - Requirements for any organization in the food chain.

There has been a continuous increase in consumer demand for safe food. This has led to the development of various food safety standards. The growing number of national standards has led to confusion. Consequently, there is a need for international harmonization and ISO aims to meet this need with ISO 22000:

The standard is complimentary to ISO9001, in that ISO 22000 addresses specifically the issues relating to food safety and uses an approach that can be integrated with that of ISO 9001. ISO 22000 is not a replacement for ISO 9001, however businesses in the food sector may see it as having greater commercial importance to their business than ISO 9001, particularly as there is increasing pressure on the food industry to demonstrate that it is effectively managing food safety, following the highly publicized food scares around the world.